RE/MAX Advisors Testimonials

I really liked his service!

Very professional and he just worked on our needs! But I highly recomendé him if you are looking to invest! Very good eyes and knowledge to produce profits.

Enyiell O.

Ivanhoe knows real estate front to back and inside out!

A genuine, good guy! See for yourself.

Alba M.

Ivan was very attentive and made sure to find me a home in the school district that I wanted for children!

His patience is incredible. He must have shown me 12 properties a day on the 2 days that he took us out and at no point made me feel as though he was pushing any of the properties on me. This was a welcome feeling as I had gone through 3 other agents and felt as though I was an after thought due to my low budget. Ivan assured me that he wouldn't make me feel like the others and he came was a man of his word. Not only did he show tons of patience, he also educated me as to why I shouldn't purchase the first property that I was interested in and he was right. I would recommend that anyone looking for an agent use Ivan! He really has his clients best interest at heart and it showed from day 1.

Roxy S

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